Happy Father’s Day

Fathers Of The Future: 

“A Father or Dad is a male who has raised a child, supplied the sperm which grew into the child, and or has donated a body cell which has resulted in a clone” yup that pretty much sums up what my father was to me, a donator of bodily fluids and a supplier of sperm. Thank you Wikipedia for giving me so much worth and meaning to my so-called life.

It’s a good thing the Internet was not around when I was a kid and instead my mom’s tales of brave, battle-fit men fleeing their homes after the “goose was gander”, to fight evil dragons and sloths somewhere between Palm Springs and Disneyland held up.

Well, it did until I turned 6 years old, that was about the time I started asking a lot of questions and realized there was something missing from our home. Let’s see…. Maybe it was just my imagination but why was my 50 year old Mom locking the doors and putting on the alarm at 6pm? Why did I have so many Uncles? And why was Father’s Day so damn sad?! Awww yes myself and a third of our population has grown up without a Dad. That’s right! 35 years old and I have never, ever hugged it out, smoked a cigar or been told what to do when it sticks straight up by a much older, wiser version of myself.

This is exactly why this story is being shared. If we don’t break the cycle and rewrite history, who will teach generations to come how to hit a curve ball, barbecue beef and pick the best roses on earth? Which by the way, happen to be at Costco! Both my children Kanon (9.6) and Camille (7) know these “laws of the land” because they are so important to the future of generations to come.

It is a standard as a woman in our house to receive roses on Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Graduation (from every grade), Easter and well any day that the Girls might need some cheering up! My son knows to do it and my daughter knows why we do it.

I have set these values from the start, early on in their childhood. Although these are material lessons, the lessons of love are not far behind. I have heard grown men cry from not ever hearing the words ‘I love you’ from their fathers and in turn, been in heated arguments over what they considered to be worse, never having a father or having one that’s never there.

In our house we might say ‘I love you’ 20 times before we even leave the house and another 20 times as soon as we see each other again. As a man and as a father, I visualize myself be situated somewhere between Bill CosbyNed Flanders and Al Bundy. I have created a safe haven of love that most people might not notice at all.

You see, we are “The Fathers of the Future”. Yeah, that’s right! You may have seen us around town… picking up and dropping off our children at school… every single day. You may have seen us sitting next to you at ballet practice and recitals or at tennis lessons and well, at just about every single activity, function, and/or meal our kid’s have.

We don’t miss a thing! We even get 99% of it on camera, so we can share it with our friends, our family, and just about anyone else that will pay attention. We have even gone so far as to build our businesses around our families and have said NO to places, people and things that take us away from this precious time.

We are living our fatherless childhoods through fathering our children…..BOOM! What you gotta say about that “Wikipedia”?!

I say cheers to these leaders of the new school, move out of the way soccer moms, we are the FITness Fathers and were taking over the world. Don’t be scared by our tattoos, piercings and beards.

Don’t be alarmed by our bright colors, loud music and big trucks! Get to know us. You never know what you may learn, not everyone knows where to buy the best flowers in town. We are the “Fathers of the Future” and were not going anywhere!!!

By Luke Kayyem Husband, Father, Athlete, Coach

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