Find your spark [The Luke Kayyem Experience]

Luke Kayyem is first and foremost a husband to his beautiful wife, business partner, best friend and High School Sweetheart Najla [Class of 97’] Palm Springs, Indians. And #1 Dad to his two happy, healthy, funny and extremely talented children Kanon [9] and Camille [8]. Along with a highly skilled high jumping Standard Poodle named Smokey. Together the Kayyem family is living proof that if everyone works together to achieve a desired result and believes in each other that any target you aim at can be hit.

Luke was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Waikiki, Hawaii attending Punahou for grade school and living the Hawaiian lifestyle. He was raised by an amazing single mother who did everything she could to teach him about conscious lifestyle practices like Yoga, meditation and breathing along with the same core values he lives by today like family, community and charity. Luke’s ability to connect with all living things and his unbelievable gift for coaching, teaching and sharing positivity, authentically shows in his work and his message.

A Master Lifestyle Coach, health and fitness expert with over 17 years in the fitness industry, Luke has trained over 1000 clients for over 10,000 hours, and more importantly is one of the most loyal and accountable humans on the planet. Luke has spent his life living with passion and energy and has constructed his entire career to be geared toward improving and upgrading the lives of those around him including his family, friends, clients and Tribe members.

An early adopter of functional fitness, organic whole foods, yoga, meditation, mental training and social media have established Luke’s reputation to create and design programs and experiences uncommon in today’s society.

Luke Kayyem is a charismatic and captivating story teller Luke can always find ways to relate his own life experiences with what you may be going through at this exact moment and help you refine your ambitions, intensions and dreams.

Career Highlights:

  • Started fitness career in 1999 teaching children to Rock Climb in Palm Desert, California.
  • Became the Fitness Director within 3 months of becoming a personal fitness coach.
  • Opened first private training studio a 175 sq/ft room inside of a Chiropractors office.
  • Established and opened the first CrossFit gym in Scottsdale in 2009 CrossFit Scottsdale
  • Constructed the SICest of the Southwest & SICest of the Pacific West fitness competitions in Phoenix, Maui, London, Dallas, Connecticut and Orlando 2012-2015
  • Acquired the Global Lifestyle company SICFIT after becoming a brand ambassador and sponsored athlete. Opened six gyms in three states in four years while developing the LIFE | FITESS | SPORT program model that insures results, safety and continuity.
  • Created The Fittest Tribe Alive and redesigned his coaching model to be able to reach more people around the world.


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