Luke Kayyem’s BLUE ZONE

WOW, What an absolutely amazing week and not just in life and at home but on the street, track and places I choose to call my training grounds!

In our families first week back from traveling for the summer I was able to truly dial in my entire program at 100% effort and energy.

As a coach, athlete, father and husband it can get extremely challenging to work and focus on my own personal development, health and lifestyle. So I have decided to share my weekly Training Assignments, Nutrition, Sleep, Recovery, Events, Practice, Meditation, Yoga, Relationships and complete holistic approach to living a long, fulfilled life with you!

This space that I create and choose to surround myself with now has a scientific term called the BLUE ZONE. A concept that I have spent most of my life living but now have a scientific identity and purpose to associate myself with and continue teaching these efforts around the world.

As crazy as it may sound I want to be a centenarian when I grow up! This also fairly new term is used to describe folks who live to be 100 years of age or older. There are five major factors that research has suggested are most important to longevity in this elite demographic.

  • heredity and family history
  • health, weight, nutrition, non smoking, increased exercise
  • education level
  • personality
  • lifestyle

So what are you waiting for? Let’s kick some ass together at the local community center in the year 2079 and celebrate this prolific milestone. We only have one mind, body and spirit and I don’t want to waste it living someone else’s life!


Here is a look into my own personal BLUE ZONE for the week of August 1-7, 2016.

Training Assignments Completed: 2

Day 1
A. Back Squat 5×5 +5 sec pause in bottom
B. Bear Crawl 80′
C. Stiff legged db dl x5 + farmers carry 40′ #35
D. Kb swing American x10 + Russian x10 #55
E. Row 150 meters @ 80%
5 Rounds Not For Time

Day 2
A1. Press 5.3.1 + 5.3.1 #50 db
A2. Gut buster :30
B. Hang Power Clean 5-2-5-2-5 #135 155 165
C. Box Jump Overs x6 20″

Blue Zone Score 4/5

Running Miles Completed: 27.5

Day 1
2.4 miles running routes with my son **bonus blue points for quality time spent together
Day 2
11.1 miles 9:30/mi beautiful but very hot running down Scottsdale blvd
Day 3
Pinnacle Peak 3.4 miles 37:37 awesome and amazing my 2nd fastest time ever. **bonus blue points for the thrill of victory and power of competition
Day 4
Recovery runs at my sons football practice 1.1 miles turned into full out sprints with the entire team for a total of 3
Day 5

Sunday came quick this week and I knew I needed to get one more long run in before the new week started. It was 102 degrees when I left the house at 1:30 and although I prepared well with nutrition and hydration along the run the heat hit me hard the last few miles. However my target for the week was accomplished and I am on track to hitting the 104.8 miles I set for the August run challenge.

Blue Zone Score 5/5

Total 7-9 Hour Sleep Sessions: 5

On days I am up at 5am I work towards going to bed by 10pm at the latest. No sounds, no lights, no distractions in my bedroom. On days I can sleep in until 6am I tend to stay up the night before until 11 or 12pm. Sunday is the only day I sleep in unless Kanon has Football practice and on those days I nap.
*3 bonus naps adding an additional 3.5 hours to the weekly total

Blue Zone Score 4/5

Total Meaningful Interactions: 27+

BIG bonus blue points in this section for me this week. It all started with a 5:30am Training Assignment completed with our Worlds Toughest Mudder Team. Great session with a great group of guys! We hosted a movie night at our home and viewed “I am not your Guru” by Tony Robbins a Netflix original. Each Tribe member was asked to bring a *Plant based whole food and we shared this inspirational flick over some super amazing food. I went to see “Suicide Squad” with a good friend and client and I reached out to several friends around the world with personalized video messages.

Blue Zone Score 5/5

Complete Nutrition:

[This can be described as eating a perfect meal. One that is clean, nutrient dense, soothing, satisfying and tasty] I score big time points in this section with two trips to whole foods to stock up on fresh Organic fruits and vegetables. We picked up a cantaloupe and California white peaches that were amazing and had the butcher grill up some fresh Atlantic Salmon. *Did you know that most of the Whole Foods stores will cook and heat up up just about anything you bring to them, even items from behind the deli. I also dialed in my new Iron Man coffee recipe that I will share soon and my smoothie game was on point. With the weather still well over 100 degrees here in Arizona liquid nutrition post workout is still one of the most direct ways of recovering especially during longer sessions outdoors. My recipe- 2 cups almond milk + 25g vegetable protein chocolate + 2 splash coconut oil + 4 splash coconut milk + banana + ice *optional almond butter **optional honey

Blue Zone Score 5/5


I drink coffee, water, smoothie, soup and bone broth….that’s it! I drink more water when I have and use a Hydroflask. First thing in the am before my coffee I drink a glass of water. After 2 cups of “Ironman Coffee” *1 cup coffee + 1 teaspoon coconut oil + 2 tablespoons coconut milk + small squeeze of honey. I drink another glass of water. If and when my flask is full of ice especially in this Arizona heat I refill it 3-4x per day.

Blue Zone Score 5/5

Total 4.5 out of 5 Blue Zone Score’s.

This is my total score for the week in all fields. I know in order for me to hit a perfect 5 for 5 I need to work on these 3 actions. Remember to live in moderation without anything becoming to extreme.

#1 Losing my cool: Stress, anger and emotion can be one of the worst and negative feelings that take your score down and cause illness, depression and anxiety.

#2 Organizing: Scheduling all of my work load throughout the day and week. I am great at cramming but could be even greater by time blocking all of my appointments and only working on those things during those times.

#3 Doing more! This one has a high risk and high reward attached to it. Go to hard to often and end up getting sick, burnt or stressed. Go to soft and miss out on crucial building, developing and creating opportunities. Hit it just right and each day feels like a successful milestone that you pass and look back on before bed each night.

For those of you wanting more right now you can join The Season’s Best Back To School Fall Nutrition Challenge HERE: and be held accountable to living a higher quality of life.

“Until next week, stay BLUE my friends”

Luke Kayyem


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