What will your LEGACY be?

What will your LEGACY be?

I want to be remembered as a YES SIR, NO MAM kind of gentleman that had the best taste for dressing the part, smiling with his teeth and giving up the last bite…of anything.

A poetic braveheart that thanks to his life’s experiences found peace in everyone, every day for everything.

An adventurous romantic who loved to share his world with the people he loved, especially his wife, High School sweetheart and childhood friend Najla Joy Kayyem.


A Father of the Future who shaped every moment of his day around his children Kanon & Camille.

A Dad that would always find a way to make it happen, get it done and deliver no matter what.


Ask yourself this question regularly and you will always do the right thing by following your heart.

Visualize your future through someone else’s eyes and you will always find the truth in yourself.

If you don’t see it, You can’t be it!

Share this with someone you love and tell us what your legacy will be?

If you don’t cry you didn’t tell the truth.

“Where you invest your love, you invest your life”

Who will live his lasting legacy and claim the 5th and final seat at the TRIBE MASTERMIND?

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