Raise Your Standards

In order to go further faster the very first thing, we must do is change our physiology instantly. You see whatever we focus on we feel. We all have the power to redirect any emotion from poor or painful to strong and pleasurable and each emotion is a personal choice.

The idea of instantly shifting your current state and replacing it with one that empowers you to show up and step up, like delivering an amazing speech, asking a beautiful woman out on a date or hitting a walk-off home run are all possible when you believe in the personal power we can create from within.

Success is possible when and only when we first make a decision. A clear, descriptive outcome must be determined before any successful challenge is completed.

The next step is knowing why the outcome is important to you.

You must be aware of your own personal motivational factors. Are you driven by Inspiration or desperation?

The third step to creating massive success is continuing to push through when things get hard and the outcome looks impossible.

Unfortunately,┬ámost people, about 95% of the world quit at the exact moment it’s most crucial to commit to DEEP WORK and keep going.

Successful people have always had a coach mentor or teacher to push them beyond what is comfortable and to be held to extreme accountability.


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