I am the lucky one! I had a home, a Mom and a Coach that supported me and the joy playing baseball brought to my life

Dear Friends,

I need your HELP!

There are kids that cannot afford to play baseball here in America.

This is exactly why the Arizona Baseball Foundation was created. To give all children an equal opportunity to play ball.

The foundation started by the only man I have ever called Pop’s, Buddy Schultz is a 501(c)(3) and is dedicated to assisting Arizona kids that are financially incapable of paying the fees associated with being on a team and the necessary equipment needed.

These underprivileged kids deserve to play the game that so many of us love and are passionate about. Baseball was one of the only outlets I had as a child growing up without a male role model. I will never forget what the sport has done for me or my confidence.

My little league Coach Jeff Kean would pick me up and take me home from practices in Palm Springs, California where I grew up watching the Anaheim Angels play baseball during spring training.

Years later all of my Varsity Baseball games at Palm Springs High School were held at Angel stadium and to this day, the smell of wet grass in the morning reminds me of playing on that amazing field.

I am the lucky one! I had a home, a Mom and a Coach that supported me and the joy playing baseball brought to my life.

Now watching my own son and daughter play baseball I understand just how fortunate we all are and how appreciative I am for the sport of baseball. I feel it is an honor and my civic duty as a husband, father, athlete, and coach to do my part in paying it forward.

I personally donated $1000 to the charity and along with every member of the board am committed to raising $2,400.

I am asking that you please donate to this amazing charity and if there is anything I can ever do for you or your family, community or charity please reach out to me directly at Luke@FittestTribe.com

I am looking for 7 people to step up and donate $200 each to this great cause. If you cannot assist in anyway financially I would ask that you please share this message with your own personal network and help us give the gift of baseball to as many kids as possible.

Thank you in advance,


If you would like to donate to this great cause please CLICK HERE: 


My son Kanon Kayyem #9 celebrating a win with the Kandoo Baseball Club.

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