Eliminate Toxins From Your Life

Our body is a filter. What we put in must come out.

The worse or harsher the content the harder or harsher our body has to process.

From fast food and alcohol to digital distractions and interruptions we must all defend ourselves from the toxic waste that infiltrates our lives every day.

To listen to the entire SoundCloud audible CLICK HERE and listen to me spit fire in an attempt to teach you how to live a long healthy life by removing toxins from your Mind, body, and spirit.

Top 5 simple and free ways to destroy the toxic waste:

  • Kill the microwave before it kills you. Use a toaster oven or skillet to reheat. Eat more raw.
  • Stop using plastic, especially in the microwave. Don’t eat artificial foods. Colors and numbers are for Crayons not consumption
  • Drink alkaline high ph balances water out of glass or stainless steel. Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water daily.
  • Eat organic foods, eat less food, eat fewer animal products, chew your food.
  • Treat sleep as a job duty, practice it well. Like a Gremlin No light, no noise, no eating after midnight.

But my number one tip for promoting healthy, happy humans….. COCONUT OIL.

Seriously pick up a jar of high grade, high quality, organic virgin COCONUT OIL and use it to cook, add it to your coffee, smoothies, and body. My real secret for looking so young? I put it in my hair!

To learn more about how to hack your health and improve the quality of your life,


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