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What’s meant to be will be, so is the love story between my beautiful wife Najla and I that began long ago back in the 7th grade. I am grateful every day for the unconditional love, respect and honor my wife and I have for one another. Check out the September 2017 issue of  SO SCOTTSDALE […]

Eliminate Toxins From Your Life

Our body is a filter. What we put in must come out. The worse or harsher the content the harder or harsher our body has to process. From fast food and alcohol to digital distractions and interruptions we must all defend ourselves from the toxic waste that infiltrates our lives every day. To listen to the […]

The 100th Day of 2017

Today is the 100th Day Of 2017, Have you received the results or reached the goals you set 100 day’s ago? How do you feel? Is your life happier, healthier more fulfilled and centered? Do you wake up every morning on fire, ready to attack the world with passion, creativity, and enthusiasm? Are you energized, […]

Raise Your Standards

In order to go further faster the very first thing, we must do is change our physiology instantly. You see whatever we focus on we feel. We all have the power to redirect any emotion from poor or painful to strong and pleasurable and each emotion is a personal choice. The idea of instantly shifting […]

What will your LEGACY be?

What will your LEGACY be? I want to be remembered as a YES SIR, NO MAM kind of gentleman that had the best taste for dressing the part, smiling with his teeth and giving up the last bite…of anything. A poetic braveheart that thanks to his life’s experiences found peace in everyone, every day for everything. […]


As husbands, fathers, and even aspiring entrepreneur’s we think and act like we always know where were going, but truthfully sometimes were lost with no clear path is sight. Stuck in a drift without a clear purpose or vision and we slowly begin to regress and lose faith in our purpose and ourselves. Neither our […]


As I sit high above the atlantic skies somewhere around 3o,ooo feet on my return flight home to Scottsdale from Tampa. I find myself completely full of emotion, content and love like never before in my entire life. As I begin to type this letter I interrupt myself every few moments with an abrupt series […]