I have no words to describe the hard work and relentless follow through we will accomplish in the MEN’S MASTERMIND together. 

There is no video I could share with you that would inspire you to take this journey with me.

My voice means nothing to you until you decide you want more from yourself.  

But for those of you that do know me, have read my blogs, watched my videos or heard me speak you know one thing is for certain, you will improve, breakthrough, transform and become greater than anything you have ever imagined before. 

This elite and exclusive men’s only Mastermind seat is summed up in two quotes. 

First, that we are the average of the 5 people we spend time with most- Jim Rohn 

Second, 80% of SUCCESS is showing up -Woody Allen

That’s it! That’s all! 

I just dropped the mic and walked off stage. 

Ya right, I wish living quotes was as easy and instant as reading them. 

But it’s not and it never will be. You have to do more, you have to expect more, you have to raise your standards. 

You must show up every day and do the work. 

You need to associate yourself with successful, healthy and happy people, know your WHY, understand the value of and master your time.

But Luke, I don’t know anyone who’s happy. 

I don’t even know what happiness is. 


Forget it, I don’t have any time to do anything for myself. 

WRONG! and if you think anything different than this is not the right program for you!

This program is only for real, raw and authentic Men who know they need to level up and become a greater version of themselves. 

A greater husband, father, brother, uncle, employee, employer, Coach, Teacher and anything else with a male chromosome attached to it. 


You are the only one that can do the work!

The real hard deep work it takes to live each moment with love, honor, and respect. The shit that hurts just thinking about it. 

The death of your mother to a stroke, the job you can’t stand and the break up with the girl you thought was the one. 

All this pain built up inside and nowhere to let it out and no one to talk to about it. The struggle is real! 

Trust me brother I know exactly what you’re going through, everything I mentioned above has happened to me in this lifetime. 

I lived with it for months, years and even decades. 

You may have been living with this same pain most of your own life. 

But it doesn’t have to continue for a lifetime. 

It’s your time, time for you to make immediate and lifelong changes and improvements to your game.

Time to rise up and step up by showing up and becoming the man you’ve always known you could be. 

Authentically spoken from the heart,