For Moms, Women and Teens 13+
December 10th, 12-5 pm
Phoenix, Arizona

Learn to shoot, fight, and survive during a modern-day threat and stay safe in the eye of evil.

Become hard to kill and practice the skills, drills, and tactics needed to save yourself and your loved ones during an emergency or crisis situation.

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Learn to FIGHT BACK and strengthen your body, challenge your mind, and learn how to protect yourself from an immediate threat, an unpredictable attack, or evil act against you or your family.

Self-defense is a set of skills requiring knowledge and competency utilizing a defensive mindset.

We must learn, train, and practice basic unarmed combat, as well as the ability, and proficiency to use and operate a firearm safely and effectively.

This is a course to help you train your sympathetic nervous system to respond to stress, threats and emergency situations, with a basic understanding of how to respond to each without activating your flight or freeze, and instead taking action and tapping into your fight if needed.

Part I Outdoor firearms safety, basic instruction, and training skills of a first-time or beginner shooter. Learn to load, reload, hold, aim, shoot, and grasp the basic functions and mechanics of a handgun, rifle, and shotgun. 

All firearms, ammunition, and equipment will be provided.


Part II Self-defense Survival-based Combat Training. Learn to Fight and Fight to Live.

Knowing what violence is, preparing your mind for what is necessary to either avoid or deploy it, and developing the confidence that you can get it done when it counts are life skills.  

Fighting, boxing, grappling, utilizing a weapon, or evading and escaping threats must become second nature and consistent practice as the world and our enemies become less and less friendly and the risk of bad people, doing bad things, to good people becomes more common and a scary possibility in this country.


$399 per attendee
$199 add-on for teens or 2nd attendee


Luke Kayyem
Lead Savage, Protector, Defender and Patriot
Founder of the Fathers of the Future Movement
Creator of the Fathers of the Future Podcast
Designer of the CRUCIBLE Experience

Randy Steinke
UFC Coach
MMA Practitioner
Steinke achieved a brown belt in BJJ under John Crouch and also became a Golden Gloves champion in boxing. In other notable competitions, Steinke became King of the Cage Bantamweight Champion, King of the Cage Featherweight Champion, Pan Am Champion BJJ, and Shooto Brazil Fight Champion. In his coaching career, he led Henry Cejudo to three UFC Championship fights, cornered multiple athletes in the UFC to KO victories 

Chad Smith
A former U.S. Marine with numerous awards and deployments to hostile
A respected team member with knowledge in Fundamentals of Instruction,
aviation operations and mission planning at all levels. Vast understanding of
joint service, interagency, and multinational operations.
A meritoriously promoted NCO in the U.S. Marine Corps with deployments to
austere areas in Somalia, Haiti and Cuba executing highly sensitive security
and crisis response operations.
Extensive experience in operations and procedures for emergency medicine
and management.