Becoming a SAVAGE | Notre Dame Prep Lacrosse | Motivational Speech

April 22, 2024


Coach Luke Kayyem speaks to the Notre Dame Prep Varsity Lacrosse Team under the lights at the University of Arizona.
The SAINTS went on to WIN and defeat Oro Valley by a score of 19-9.

A SAVAGE, as I define it, is a man, woman, or child who chooses to SHOW UP, lean in, answer the call, and do the MFN WORK! At home, in school, on the job, or on the lacrosse field.

A SAVAGE is someone you can trust, believe in, and respect as a beacon of hope and a symbol of strength, power, and authenticity. 

Becoming a SAVAGE takes three concepts and turns them into one outcome…

🪓 Train your BODY
🪓 Train your MIND
🪓 Train your SPIRIT

SAVAGERY takes relentless training in education and experience!

It takes changing your thoughts from fixed to growth and your attitude from negative to positive. 

The greatest SAVAGES have learned the art from other great SAVAGES…

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