Will you be home?

December 7, 2023


What an absolutely amazing, beautiful, healing, painful, and innocent question, that hit hard this morning as I was preparing breakfast and lunch for my teenagers, in between feeding the dogs, and getting coffee made, with one foot out the door, my son shouted down from the 2nd floor…

Hey Pop, will you be home after school today? He asked.

My immediate and almost instantaneous automatic response… said Yes!

Now let me first frame the context of this question in the proper arrangement for you to stack, synthesize, and break down for yourself. With my desire for you to see a greater perspective and understanding of your own life and the generations that follow.

My son is 17 years old, drives to school in Dad’s old 300,000-mile Toyota truck, is fairly self-sufficient and highly independent, and has never had a sleepless night crying ever in his lifetime, questioning his Father’s whereabouts, concerned that the man of the house wouldn’t be coming home that night.

Let alone where Dad is, or do I even have a Dad and if I do, does he love me, or is he even proud of me?

All questions I asked myself repeatedly throughout my childhood and long into those high school years and beyond. 

Now as I look back and can see my own “Fatherlessness” wounds and the massively traumatic fears associated with uncertainty, and untrustworthiness.

I am FREE and so will my son!

The emptiness and giant deep dark void of the unknown “Removed and Replaced” with absolute abundance, unconditional love, and complete conviction.

I now know and fully understand how valuable the roles, responsibilities, and rewards are of the FATHER, his place in the Kingdom, and the ultimate possibility to actually “Reverse the Curse” and permanently change, shift, and alter the future of mankind forever!

Pretty Heavy $#!T.

Through my own compass, have I been able to create, set, and live an intentional life, through a sense of security, safety and setting a higher standard for living a Father-full life.

However, my son is in the beginning stages of his own “Mission to Manhood” with completely different circumstances, needs, wants, and desires.

The question remains the same, the definition, meaning, roots, and response to a question of this magnitude are completely different. 

You must decide and declare to change the game, rewrite your History, and set the Future generations up for Success.


The choice is always yours and the scope in which you see yourself and your place in the world matters.

It’s an endless commitment!

Because of what I experienced allows us both to reflect on the appreciation and honor this knowing of absolute TRUST.

Trust in the Father, trust in his words, trust in his protection, guidance, and reverence.


So where do you begin your journey to healing, building, and ending what our Fathers and forefathers left us with?

Curiosity is a great starting point and pathway to passion and purpose.

Become curious about your place in your family’s generational footprint, working towards restoring what was broken in your own lineage.

Dedicated to my kids, kids, kids…

Yes, I will be home!

Luke Kayyem
December 7, 2023

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