Now is the Time to FLOW…

January 2, 2024


As we continue to open and access the “New Year, New You” mentality and marketing genius that is mainstream media, let me be one of the first to STOP you from buying into the Quick-Fix B.S. and the resolutions associated with this weak mindset and limiting belief.

The universe does not know what day of the week it is, let alone a new year for you, your business, your health, and the abundance we seek in our everyday lives.

It does know, however, how many cookies, cocktails, or pushups you ate, drank, and pushed out over the past few weeks leading into 2024.

It knows how hard you leaned in, how much impetus you produced, and ultimately, whether you are starting today, this week, month, and year in FLOW or FIGHT.

FLOW is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform at our best. Time and Energy both dissolve into the task at hand.

FIGHT is the opposite: a place and space that we do not SHOW UP, near or close to our absolute best. 

FLOW is the most valuable PEAK- PERFORMANCE PRIMER we have available for our productivity, growth, and creativity.

FIGHT is the ultimate resistance to successfully completing the necessary work needed to execute and finish.

FLOW… is the SECRET SAUCE of GROWTH and EXPANSION, as well as the GAME CHANGER for OPTIMIZING your HEALTH, and producing MOMENTUM and DRIVE.

So, how do you put yourself into a state of FLOW?

Practice DAILY DISCIPLINE, install KEYSTONE HABITS, and establish constructive rituals early and often in your routine.

It’s one thing if you have good habits to begin with, as it will make FLOW easier to produce and more often to command.

So, If you are still making poor choices, use the “DAILY DISCIPLINE” tracker *attached below to improve your Mojo.

Flow states have triggers that lead to more flow.

Flow follows focus—it only shows up when all your attention is directed at the task before you.

Mono-tasking or giving ONE THING all of your undivided attention is a simple step in the GAME and a KEY step towards self-mastery.


Here are a few foundational PEAK-PERFORMANCE basics to master before accessing flow.
The body and mind must be connected and centered to be fully prepared.
Complete at least one per day in each of the three basics, to keep your nervous system in check ✔️

Physical basics: 

  • Hydration, Exercise, Breath, Sunlight, Gratitude, Cold immersion, Movement, Walk outdoors, Spend Time in Nature, Give-Serve, Lead with Love.
  • Eat clean, balanced, healthy meals [eat real food] and follow short- and long-term fasting protocols.
    Reduce and eliminate toxins, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  • Sleep for 7+ hours per night, take momentary pauses and breath breaks throughout the day.

Mental basics:

  • Focus on mono tasking and doing your absolute best to do one thing with all of your attention.
    [Attempting to do too many things at once is a set up to disrupt and block FLOW]
  • Master your time, schedule everything, RUTHLESSLY ELIMINATE HURRY. 
  • Create intentional suffering opportunities to push yourself past your comfort boundary. 
  • Remove negative energy, people, environments and replace with positive language, affirmations and associations [Turn off the noise]
  • Lower anxiety and stress tension levels by practicing daily gratitude, mindfulness practices, breath-work, meditation and prayer.
  • Don’t start or end your day on your phone, staring at a screen or artificial lights.

Emotional basics:

  • Read, write, reflect, set intentions and repeat this process until you become your own greatest, raving fan. 
  • Keep rewiring your brain to believe in a GROWTH MINDSET.
  • Have a solid social support network, and surround yourself with winners.
  • Be the white-belt mentality, humble yourself through self-analysis, and check your ego.
    Asking constantly…are my actions in alignment with my outcomes? 
  • Every time your brain faces a challenge, it does a threat assessment. If it senses loneliness, fear, or stress, it shuts down by producing the hormone cortisol. 
  • The brain loves love—surrounded by friends, family, and positive energies will cause it to see challenges as opportunities and something to rise towards, not shy away from.

    Additionally, high-performing individuals like athletes, artists, and motivators work through and master these additional core concepts.

  • Deep embodiment (action and awareness merge; this is learning through doing) 
  • High consequences (some physical, social, or financial risk – something has to be on the line)
  • Healthy competition (challenges and challengers push us past our edge of comfort and launch us into a new threshold]

So how, should you begin to put yourself in FLOW?

Stop doing everything disrupted, interrupted, and disengaged, and do one thing, 100% and ALL IN!

“How you do one thing, is how you do everything.”

Regardless of the ACTION step you take first, take a single step and a single action, followed by another single step and action. This is the simple act of compounding interest!

I would personally LOVE to see your 2024 W.O.Y [Word Of Year] and WHY you chose it.

I chose the word INVEST as my 2024 PRIME MOTIVATOR and DRIVING FORCE in 2024.

Defined as my ability to increase my financial growth and resources, strengthen my physical health, expand my mental fortitude, pursue personal, meaningful relationships, invest time and energy in human capital and my time under tension in the art of IMPACTFUL and INSPIRATIONAL LIVING.

-Coach Luke INVEST Kayyeminvest

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