December 12, 2023




Is this not the ultimate statement and definition of FREEDOM and what life is truly about?

Growing up, getting $#!T done and independently taking care of business. Outliving, Outlasting, and outsurviving our ancestors.

No matter how you look at it, becoming self-sufficient, self-reliant, and self-aware are the bedrock of survival, and the primary modern-day motivators needed for Peak-Performance and a results-driven life. 

But what if the work was survival or a life or death situation?

The reality is, unless you were trained by the U.S armed forces, or other Global Military agencies, graduated from the Police Academy, or have carried the title of first responder, you probably have absolutely ZERO CLUE on how to survive, let alone thrive in a tough, hard, uncomfortable and often unpleasant, environment.


Now before I go too DEEP, too QUICK into the never-ending vortex of “SURVIVAL BASED or FEAR BASED” content, education, and training. I must first explain my viewpoint and experience of the subject matter and WHY I have dedicated massive amounts of time, energy, and resources into my GAPS. As well as the instruction, classes, and courses, that I invested in as a civilian to get to this point in my own understanding, and applying of the SKILLS needed for an absolute worst-case scenario.


But check it out, everything I share on FREEDOM can be multiplied and layered onto any area of your life.


As a young man with no available Masculine Protector, I felt defenseless, fearful, and constantly distressed, about my safety, security, and surety.

Yup, I know those FATHERLESSNESS wounds have still found a way to show up and live, rent-free in my headspace for decades,  from my mindset to my money, my health, and my peace.

For many years I lived untrained, undisciplined, and in all honesty undeveloped in the arena of life.

These “LIFE SKILLS” would only come to fruition after years of frustration, along with my fixed mindset, I felt stuck, powerless, and inferior. 

This is exactly WHY I have made it my life’s work to FORTIFY MEN, and their FAMILY through a PRESENT, ACTIVE and ENGAGED ethos and code for reversing the curse.

But not everyone is a Dude or a Dad, what about the women? What about the moms, the teens, especially the single moms?

Like my own single Mom, doing everything that she could to raise a young, wild boy. She could never train, teach or lead me in the art of SAVAGERY and SURVIVAL, it wasn’t even on her radar, let alone G.P.S of what type of preparation, I would need to succeed in all corners of my life, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and tactically.

That total package or “BUNDLE” was not available in the late nineties, it wasn’t offered in Boy Scouts, High School, College, or as a carer choice as a young adult. I simply did not know, what I did not know! Sound familiar?

Survival is so much more than being tough, it’s about becoming smart, prepared, well-versed, well trained and universally aware.

Today’s NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU life lesson comes to us directly from our first intensive class created for Women and Teens.

This class was a huge success as we pushed 9 women and 1 teenager whom I have the honor of mentoring, passed their baseline edge of comfort and ease, and into a new reality of hardship and despair.

We intentionally instructed them on how to not become a VICTIM and learn the necessary steps and progressions, as well as role play possible worst-case scenarios, to get out of really bad situations, emergencies, and conflicts and stay safe during a random act of violence.

Our GOAL in creating this course, specifically designed for women and teens is to educate, impact, inspire, and empower them to RISE in the face of evil, to never be or become a VICTIM, to learn how to fight back and employ and what JUSTIFIED LEVEL OF FORCE is needed to get home safely.

From basic beginner firearm safety to parking lot strategies, first attack striking, ground game defense and rape prevention tactics, I am beyond proud of the level of confidence and certainty the FORTIFY the FAMILY attendees have shown in one afternoon of training.

We will be offering this course four times in 2024. ENROLL HERE


I knew of Luke Kayyem’s reputation and work through events he did with my teenage sons and men from our church. So when he offered a women’s self-defense course, I wasn’t going to say no to that opportunity! I’d never used a firearm, and he and the shooting coach, Chad Smith, walked us through gun safety thoroughly and then took us to the range to practice and learn. They were very patient and made sure we did things correctly and safely. For self-defense, we learned moves and maneuvers to escape from common attacks and got to practice and start committing these to muscle memory. Luke and Chad gave us so much amazing information and raised our awareness for unsafe situations and how to avoid them, and if need be, escape from them. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course to any woman who wants to have the tools she needs to escape and protect herself in situations that are all too common.
-Amanda Diaz

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