The WAY of the WARRIOR

January 22, 2024


“Given enough time, any man may master the physical. With enough knowledge, any man may become wise. It is the true warrior who can master both….and surpass the result.” – Tien T’ai

The WAY of the WARRIOR

The WAY of the WARRIOR is a full and complete action-packed, massively powerful, and intense TRAINING DAY in the ART of SAVAGERY, BRAVERY, and COURAGE.

Designed to push you to and through your personal EDGE of comfort through adventure, excitement, thrill, education, application, and optimization.

Over the course of one 15+ hour day, you will learn the tools, tactics, and practices from World class Coaches, including US elite special forces operators, British combat special forces instructors, professional skydivers, marksmen, fighters, and a master sensei in the ancient fighting discipline of Shinkendo also known as Swordsmanship.

Shinkendo requires rigorous physical training, depth of coordination, and intense focus, emphasizing forging spiritual strength through HONOR and COURAGE, which inspires the Warrior’s HEART and SOUL to HEAL and GROW.

Our goal in developing this intensive course is to teach, train, and prepare you for the unknown extreme challenges of life and the intense fears associated with them.

We want to see you go from zero to DANGEROUS when facing a threat, enemy, challenge, or anything that scares the F—K out of you with little to no resistance, procrastination, or hesitation.

The WAY of the WARRIOR will directly IMPACT you to become a greater LEADER, unafraid to take action in the eye of the storm, under extreme pressure and stress, unshakeable from the drama and trauma of life, able to do what it takes to get any job done.

Through a modern-day men’s movement known as FATHERS of the FUTURE, we will challenge you to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, immerse yourself in the cold, learn to build powerful breathing techniques in extreme heat, become a more proficient fighter, striker, and grappler.

You will also experience defending with a knife, shooting live simulation rounds, be trained on the offensive tactical advantage, and enjoy the best barbecue in the state, surrounded by RARE men discussing and sharing their wealth and knowledge with you in a small and private setting.

This elite mastermind will also focus on what we believe is the most important advantage in life, the ability to ENHANCE and EXPAND our mental toughness, grit, fortitude and capacity to do more, be more and accomplish more than we ever imagined possible.

March 15, [Friday 5am-8pm]

Mental toughness refers to the ability to enter a state of mind that allows one to overcome a current negative feeling or situation in favor of progressive and productive action.

This is a limitless MINDSET and the WAY of the WARRIOR.

Life is truly about standing on the edge of our existence, on the verge of elimination, behind the count, 3rd and long, down by 2 with no time left on the clock as the undersized underdog with nothing to lose and everything to prove positive mental attitude.

This experiential program is about discovering a new level within yourself to MAXIMIZE your MINDSETS, MOTIVATIONS, and METHODS.

“It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.”  -Miyamoto Musashi


March 15, [Friday 5am-8pm]

What’s included:

  • We will provide all weapons for the course
  • All transportation from HQ
  • Tandem Skydive Arizona
  • Photo/Video package
  • The Thumb Barbecue
  • Drinks, snacks, supplies
  • F.O.T.F swag
  • Smith and Wesson knife
  • Optimize center session
  • Shinkendo, combat, MMA instruction
  • Live simulation firearms training

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