January 28, 2024


Surfing propels us into a journey of limitless creativity, abundant excitement, and boundless harmony. 

With so many parallels to life, surfing in the ocean is the most challenging and rewarding endeavor and culmination of physical strength, endurance, mental fortitude, and emotional well-being available to humans today.

Riding a wave is the pinnacle of FLOW and the peak voyage when physical output and spiritual expansion intersect. 

“You become one with the earth while becoming one with yourself.

Utilizing power, harmony and peace combined at just the right moment in time, gives you the smallest chance to ride the actual wave itself, like each individual fingerprint, every wave is unique, one of kind, completely different and more distinctive than any other wave before or after it.

Surfing can be the greatest teacher of practicing living in the present moment.

It is a healing practice, period.

There is nothing to do or think about except ride the wave and take the five steps to put yourself in the best position possible to do so.

Body, board, position, paddle, and standing.

Sounds easy, but it’s NOT!

It’s a MFN battle, a war between the ears, the shoulders, and the ocean.

As a lifelong snowboarder, student growing up in Hawaii, skimboarder, and extreme athlete, I can attest that the mountain doesn’t move, there is no current, and you don’t have to paddle anywhere.

When was the last time you heard of someone drowning on a ski lift? Have you seen any sharks in Park City lately?


While chasing FLOW, you will FIGHT many battles, paddling out and in and getting smashed by the next big set of waves crashing between them both.

And then, after all that hard work, through the hardships, temporary defeats, internal resistance, and even feeling sorry for yourself, you find a way to stand up and WIN. 

As I close out this portion of the blog, my deepest gratitude, and appreciation for the connection, fellowship, and motivation of the men of JAR on my first Surf trip to Rincon, Puerto Rico, with my Brothers Chip, Paul and Wes.

My intention and training for this EXPERIENCE began in October 2022, when I made it my personal mission to redefine happiness, adventure, and exploration as a man of mastery surfing in his 45th year. 

Luke “SERVE” Kayyem | Crash Boat, Rincón, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 2024

🌊 The ART of FLOW 🌊

“FLOW is an optimal state of consciousness where we feel and perform at our best.

Time and Energy both dissolve into the task at hand.

FLOW… begins at the root of GROWTH and EXPANSION, as well as being the primary accelerator for OPTIMIZING PEAK-PERFORMANCE and producing MOMENTUM and DRIVE.

FLOW follows focus—it only shows up when all your attention is directed at the singular task.

So how do you create the perfect “SET and SETTING” to learn, practice, and apply, bringing FLOW into your life?

You walk on the beach, surf in the sea, swim in the ocean, sleep on the ground, and sit on the sand.

You feel completely and totally disconnected from the digital distractions of modern-day life and the heavy machinery controlling your every thought, feeling, and action.

With the speed at which you operate and downshift, you get grounded, connected, and deliberate.

You drop into a new level of awareness, bringing you closer to your natural state, your TRUE self and your best and highest form of consciousness.

You become unwound, unfrozen, unstuck, and unfucked! 


You become a human being again, possibly becoming a SUPERHUMAN BEING for the first time.

Forged through the ELEMENTS, enhanced by the programming, education, and connection.

We have created the ultimate EXPERIENCE and ADVENTURE on the beautiful beaches of Encinitas, California, in sunny Southern California. [May 5-7] 

This two-day intimate, immersive experience is designed to help you reset, reflect, and connect to yourself through the ocean, nature, and exhilaration.


Leaving you branded by an EXPERIENCE that will be a lifelong reminder of HOW ALIVE you can deeply feel when you STOP repeating the pattern and path that you are on and focus a concentrated, centered, and direct level of energy towards growing your intrinsic drivers while releasing your need for external motivators. 

Utilizing Mother Nature’s best prescriptions and ocean therapies combined like surfing, grounding, sound healing, drum circles, beach yoga, meditation, holotropic breath work, and a plant medicine ceremony to truly and intentionally create consistent and optimal FLOW states.

We are building a PLACE and SPACE for men, to be fully PRESENT IN THE MOMENT, EACH MOMENT, EVERY MOMENT, to just be here NOW, unapologetically authentic, unafraid to expand their journey towards maximizing their human potential, pushing their peak edge, and fortifying their FREEDOM.

At the CORE of the retreat will be a deep, rich, engaging conversation, holding space, creating a beautiful and powerful environment to collectively and independently heal, grow, and expand the WARRIOR’s heart, mind, and soul.

This two-day immersive men’s retreat on the California Coast will empower you to take a much-needed break from the noise and speed of modern-day life and pause.

Our intention is that this inspires you to shift your energy permanently, consciously slow down, become more aware, centered, and focused, and ruthlessly learn to eliminate hurry, worry, and negative energy. 

So that you can access these optimal states again in the future by intentionally applying the tools and performance primers learned during the retreat.


For more information on FLOW, READ: Now is the Time to flow. 1/2/2024

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